Resources for Businesses

The garden space includes Black-Eyed Susan, Butterfly Milkweed, Blue Giant Hyssop, Raydon's Favorite Aster, Purple Coneflower, Dwarf Tickseed, and Catmint.

Ideas for businesses to participate in the Great Georgia Pollinator Census:

  • Set aside time during the workday for your employees to count as part of your company’s public outreach policy.
  • Have a special lunch for employees and their families with pollinator-based food such as watermelon salsa, apple salad, etc.
  • Create an event for customers or clients to come to your business for insect counting (we can help your promote the event on the website!).

What types of businesses could easily participate in the Pollinator Census?  

Breweries, restaurants, garden centers, insurance agencies, churches, corporate businesses with a large amount of employees, small businesses with a small amount of employees. Any business with a pollinator garden (see above!) can participate!

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